Gas Safety Inspection Hemel Hempstead

Gas Safe Southern offers gas safety inspection in Hemel Hempstead area for very competitive price, specially for landlords who require gas safety inspection report as a legal requirements for their tenancy.

We carry out.

  • Check the appliance is positioned in the right place
  • Check any flue or chimney serving the appliance is safe and installed correctly
  • A flue combustion test to ensure there are no unsafe emission escaping from your appliance
  • Check for correct ventilation
  • Check that appliances and controls are operating correctly and are safe to use
  • Your appliance is burning correctly and not producing Carbon Monoxide
  • All the safety devices are working
  • Test the rate of gas consumption or the working gas pressure to ensure the appliance is operating correctly and adjust if necessary
  • Visually inspect the appliance to check for corrosion and leaks

Gas Safety Certificate

by Gas Safety registered engineer in Hemel Hempstead

You can read more about this requirement on HSE website

A Gas Safety Inspection is carried out on your residential property where the premises are to be hired out. This is a legal requirement of the owners/landlords which must carried out annually by a qualified Gas Safe Registered Engineer. Gas Safe Southern can offer this requirement.

The ‘Gas Safety Inspection’ covers the inspection of all gas appliances for safety, ensuring they are operating correctly and the safety devices are working properly. The inspection also looks at Ventilation, Flues, Regulators, Pipes & Pipework, no servicing of appliances are carried out. We do recommend having a full gas service carried out at the same time, saving you money as the joint cost is much cheaper than having the work carried out separately. Appliances that are serviced on a regular basis burn hotter and more efficiently, consequently saving on gas consumption.

What will happen during gas safety inspection?

  • Carry out a thorough inspection of your appliance.
  • Check and test the flue.
  • Ensure that your air vent is correct.
  • Replace any necessary parts.
  • Carry out a gas test to make sure that your property has no leaks.
  • Issue a gas safety certificate.
  • Service hard wired smoke alarms.
  • We will not repair, service or install gas cookers.

On completion engineer will explain to you what work has been carried out and ask you to sign the gas safety certificate. You will be handed a copy of the certificate, which lets you know your appliance is in safe working order. If any additional work is required that wasn’t able to be completed at the service then another appointment will be made at a mutually convenient time.

In case of an Emergency

If you smell gas contact the National Gas Emergency Centre on 0800 111 999 immediately

  • Turn off the gas supply immediately
  • Extinguish all sources of ignition
  • Do not smoke
  • Do not operate electrical power switches
  • Open doors and windows
  • Evacuate the property